Hosted Telephone System

Are you looking for a reliable, high quality phone system that simply works so you can focus on your business, and not your communications platform?

Our system adapts and adjusts to your needs and seamlessly works the way you do. Whether you have 1-99 employees, we have a hosted solution that meets your needs.

Easy to use and manage

Full PBX capabilities utilizing easy interface

Eliminate costs of a traditional phone closet

Low monthly phone bills (including VoIP services)

Future-proof your phone systems

Virtual Auto Attendant & Mobile VoIP

Virtual Auto Attendant and Voicemail
Voicemail by Day and Answering Service by Night.

Have a mobile workforce? Use auto attendants, cloud extensions and mailboxes to stay connected with your customers and employees—with all the features of a high end phone system. It’s easy to use and manage, without the cost of a traditional PBX solution. Best of all, you can seamlessly connect mobile and home workers with current or future office locations.

It’s all the same cloud communications framework, so you can scale up as needed, and connect based on your specific business requirements.

Already Using Voip? Call and see how we can save you money!

Mobility Mastered

Mobility is paramount in today’s business world. Keep your company connected with a wide array of mobile features—from cloud extensions, find-me follow-me, group and simultaneous ring, to voicemail to email, and much more. All designed to help you conduct business anywhere through any device.

Virtual Auto Attendant

  • An auto attendant is a custom greeting that gives callers the ability to reach others.

Our Telephone Packages


$750monthly per extension
  • Top Tier Customer Service
  • With the Basic package you get the centralized computer system that can store and retrieve messages for voicemails.
  • Additionally getting the Unified Communication (UC)Client is an all in one web portal to make communication easy. Click down below to learn about what a UC client is all about and how it can help your business.  
  • *Add today and get our Automated Telecom mobile app for free!


$1195monthly per extension
  • Top Tier Customer Service
  • Enhanced gets you a centralized computer system that can store and retrieve messages for voicemails, includes telephone number.
  • Get Voicemail Transcription. Listening to a voicemail multiple times to get a phone number can be time consuming and now you don’t have to! Transcription to voicemail is here!
  • You also get the Unified Communication (UC)Client which is that all in one web portal that makes communication easy.
  • *Add today and get the Automated Telecom Mobile App for Free!

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Business Continuity

Cloud-based Communications
Virtually eliminate business downtime should your local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) communications network go down. Your communications solution is still running in our cloud environment, so your customers, vendors, and employees calls can keep flowing. A good disaster recovery plan will help your business in good times and bad. With our solution, a good business continuity plan is extremely cost effective, and readily available based on your individual business needs.

Customer Tested

Back Office Communications
Our products and services are customer tested, and approved—we’ve enabled countless businesses to improve their communication channels easily, and effectively, to transform their business into a competitive powerhouse. With a full range of front and back-office features, you can rest easy knowing your business is taken care of, now and for the future.