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Automated Telecom is the Desert’s Choice for Telecommunications. For over 25 years Automated Telecom has provided custom voice mail solutions, wireless phones and services, pagers, paging and efax services, dial tone, internet, T1’s, and telephone systems for businesses and individuals. If you need help planning or restructuring your telecommunications, Automated Telecom can help.

Why Customers Choose Automated Telecom

Phone System Made for Businesses

Make your phone system help make your business more productive. We have many services that can improve your business and tailor the phone system around your business’s needs. We have all of the features of your current phone system and even more. Give us a call and ask about what features benefit your business.

Unparalleled Customer Service

There is a reason why we have a five-star rating. Our customer service puts you the customer first, with appointing your problems or concerns and fixing it in the fastest way we can with our being on hold for hours on end. Call us and see how quickly we pick up the phone compared to the competitors.

Save More and Get More

Don’t keep spending more money than you have too. Our customers are saving much more by choosing local than paying our competitors. We offer the same features and more! Contact us and see how much you can save. It can sometimes be more than $360/year per extension. Contact us today!



Business Internet Services

Offering reliable, redundant internet service from over 80 providers ensuring uptime and connectivity.


Business Telephone Services

Mobilize your workforce with our Virtual Auto Attendant. Voicemail by Day and Answering Service by Night.

Check Out the Phones We Use

Yealink Telephones

Yealink offers some of the best business phones in the market. These are the phones that we choose for our customers. Check them out and see for yourself why many businesses use Yealink.

Helpful Tips and Guides

Click on any of the links if you are looking to learn new tips or need to find a guide. Much more to come!


Find Me Follow Me

December 17th, 2019|0 Comments

Many businesses are beginning to use the find me follow me feature and improving their productivity. If you are someone that tends to miss calls when you are out of the office this is [...]

How to add or remove holidays

November 15th, 2019|0 Comments

This guide will provide steps to allow you to add/remove dates which will be used to determine Holiday behavior for your phone system. First, Access https://pbx.automatedtelecom.com Second, type in your username in the Username [...]

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