Voicemail Setup

  1. For first time access, press the Message button on your phone or dial * followed by your extension number. For example you would dial *103 to access mailbox 103
  2. When prompted for a password, enter your extension number
  3. You will be prompted to record a busy, unavailable and name greeting. Follow the prompts to record these to your liking
  4. You will be prompted to reset the password. DO NOT make this password the same as your extension number.

Voicemail User Guide

A) Checking your voice messages:

  1. Press the Message button on your phone or dial *[Extension #] (eg. *101)
  2. Enter your mailbox password when prompted. For first time access, the password will be your extension number

B) After you access your mailbox:

Press 1 for New/Old Messages

During playback press asterisk (*) to Rewind or pound (#) to Fast Forward

Press 2 to Change Folders to get to New, Old, Work or Friends Message Folders

Press 3 for Advanced Options

Press 0 for Mailbox Options to Manage Greetings and Password (refer to section D)

Press 1 to Record Unavailable Greeting

Press 2 to Record Busy Greeting

Press 3 to Record Name

Press 4 to Record Temporary Greeting

Press 5 to Change Password

Press asterisk (*) to return to the main menu

C) Checking your voicemail from email:

*This option has to be enabled by Automated Telecom but is included free-of-charge with your service*

Open the email. A voice file will be attached. Open the voice file and the message will begin playing on your device.

NOTE: Deleting the email message will NOT delete the voicemail message from the mailbox.

If you prefer to manage messages via email, Auto Delete can be enabled for your mailbox. Simply inform Automated Telecom of this preference.


D) Mailbox options after listening to a message:

Press 3 for Advanced Options

Press 1 to send reply (internal only)

Press 3 to hear envelope (date/time, phone number of the caller)

Press 5 to leave a message for another user

Press asterisk (*) to return to main menu

Press 5 to repeat the current message

Press 6 to play the next message

Press 7 to delete the message

Press 8 to forward the message to another user

Press 9 to save the message to a folder

Press 0 to save to the New Message Folder

Press 1 to save to the Old Message Folder

Press 2 to save to the Work Message Folder

Press 3 to save to the Family Message Folder

Press 4 to save to the Friends Message Folder

Press pound (#) to Exit/Cancel

Text Notifications

Your service includes the text notification for new messages to your mailbox. Give us your mobile number and carrier if you would like this option enabled.

Optional Mobile App for your Smartphone

Make and Receive phone calls with your office number Caller ID.

View and delete voicemails from the App

Voicemail message transcription available (additional fees may apply)

Unable to access your mailbox? Call us for help!

(760) 837-7000