SmartFax Services

Doing Fax a Smarter Way!

Automated Telecom’s SmartFax Service uses the internet to fax over your files instead of traditional phone lines. This will allow you and your business to have the ability to receive or send out files through our web portal, sending an email, or you can use your standard fax machine with our optional SmartFax Bridge.

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Are my faxes private and confidential?

Our web portal is HIPAA compliant, the standard for medical records. Any faxes that are sent using our web portal, and SmartFax Bridge, will use the web portal and remain HIPAA Compliant.

Faxes sent using your email account are only as private as your email. We would recommend sending any sensitive documents using our online web portal, as outlined in the web portal option below.

Is there a fax log for inbound and outbound faxes?

Yes. Our web portal stores inbound and outbound fax history which can be accessed at any time. Once logged into the portal, you will find a History tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Can my employees share a login?

Employees can share a user account to send and receive faxes from the web portal as described the web portal option below. Our recommendation is to have two (2) separate user accounts: one for the administrator and the other for basic users. Keep in mind that when a user account is shared, they will have to have access to one email account in order to send and receive faxes from it.

Can Multiple User Accounts use the same fax number?


How much are additional User Accounts?

To allow individual employees to send and receive faxes from their unique email address, they will require their own user account. Additional user accounts will incur $2.95/month per user.

What if I am not receiving faxes in my email account?

Faxes will come from Make sure to add this address to your safe sender list.

Can I port my existing fax number?

Most of the time, yes. Very few exceptions exist.

How to send a Fax from your email account

1. In an email, fill in the “To:” Field with “”. You must include 1 +[fax number]. For example, if you are sending a fax to 760-­423­-0290 you would send your email to ​

2. Attach the PDF or TIF/TIFF file you want to fax.

Note: Anything typed within the body of the email will not be received as part of the fax. Only the attachment will be sent.

You will receive an email confirming the fax was Queued to be sent and then another confirmation email if the fax was successful or undeliverable.

How to fax from Automated Telecom’s web portal

1. Access

2. Login to the web portal with your username and password. If you do not have a password use the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

3. You will land on the page to allow you to send a fax.

4. Input the number you want to fax to in the “Fax Number” Field.

5. Attach a file by clicking on the bubble. You will then be able to navigate to the file on your computer.

6. Click “Send” to send now or you can schedule your fax to be sent at a future date and time.

The history of your inbound and outbound faxes can be found in the “History” tab on the left. You can click on the icon on the far right for the faxes listed to see additional options.You can also use or create custom cover pages in the web portal by clicking on the “Cover Page” tab on the left.

Sending from your existing fax machine

Automated Telecom’s SmartFax Bridge as an optional add-on to your SmartFax service allows you to use your existing fax machine. The bridge device makes Voice over IP faxes using a standard fax machine much more reliable than SIP and T38 fax protocols that transmit faxes in real-time. The bridge allows the machine to communicate with our secure web portal, minimizing communication errors and allowing more of your faxes to succeed. Both inbound and outbound faxes are stored in the portal, allowing you to go back and check the fax history. The SmartFax bridge service is available for $25/month.

Pricing For Smart Fax

25 Page Tier 100 Page Tier 300 Page Tier
One Included Account User One Included Account User Two Included Account User
$9.95/Month $19.95/Month $39.95/Month
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1000 Page Tier 2500 Page Tier 5000 Page Tier
Two Included Account Users Three Included Account Users Five Included Account Users
$99.95/Month $199.95/Month $299.95/Month
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SmartFax Bridge Additional User
$25/Month $3/Month Per User

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