Will I have to change my phone number?

No. Not unless you want to. For solo professionals, such as Real Estate agents and Building Contractors who often publish 3 or 4 phone numbers on their business cards, it might make sense to replace all those numbers with our One-Number virtual phone number. Our One-Number service will provide a gateway to all of your numbers (home, cell phone, fax, etc.).

If you are a business in a fixed location with onsite employees, you will instead want to use our Auto Attendant service as a front-end or back-end setup, forwarding and un-forwarding your number into the system as needed.

What do you mean by “front-end” or “back-end” setup?

With a “front-end” setup, calls go through your Auto Attendant before a live person is ever reached. With a “back-end” setup, you answer the calls live, before they reach our system. That means that only after-hours, weekend or overflow calls are picked up first by the Auto Attendant.

How does the Auto Attendant work?

Calls can be screened and routed to any destination without human intervention, 24/7. Your Auto Attendant is customized to the way you want to do business:

  • Callers are provided a customized menu (e.g. Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service)
  • Name Dial Directory (e.g. Enter the first 3 letters of the last name of the person you are trying to reach)
  • Dial by Extension (e.g. If you know the extension of the person you are trying to reach, you may dial it at any time)

Can I screen calls before answering?

Yes. If available, you will see the incoming caller ID on your phone. You can simply choose not to answer the call. The system will redirect the caller to voicemail after the specified timeout. You also have the option to answer the call. The system asks the caller to record their name prior to connecting them. When you answer, the call will be announced:

You have a call from John Smith; to accept press 1, to decline press 2

If you press 1, you are connected with the caller. If you choose not to take the call, press 2 and your caller will be reverted to your voicemail.

How does eFax work?

Faxing works a couple of ways. You can forward your current fax line into the fax number we provide you, thus making your office faxes available to you via email, web browser, phone, or any fax machine. You can still use your current fax line for outgoing faxes. Or you can use the number we give you as your main fax number, and have faxes routed to where you need them – either automatically to multiple destinations, or to your email and other destinations as needed. You have complete control.

How do I know if I have received a voice message or fax and how do I retrieve it?

You will have the most advanced notification and message retrieval features available. How you use the system is up to you – you may use as many or as few of these features as you personally need:

  • Pager – the system will page you
  • Email – Your voice message will be emailed to you as an attached file. Or you can receive an email alert without the attachment to serve as a notification that a message exists (e.g. if you retrieve email messages from your cell phone)
  • Call Delivery – the system will dial your number, let you know how many messages you have, and ask you if you want to listen to them now or wait until later. You press 1 to listen now or 2 to decline.
  • SMS – similar to email but the system sends a short text message to your cell phone letting you know a new message has been received.
  • Fax – Your fax messages can automatically be sent to any fax number you wish. Faxes can also be automatically emailed to you as an attached file. Or you can call in from any phone and direct the faxes in your message box to any fax number you desire.

I don’t want to receive calls after 5pm or on weekends. How is that handled?

By using “timed greetings”, your callers will hear different options at different times of the day and/or days of the week. Those options can be customized to your schedule and desired availability. When transfer is off, your callers can leave a message.